Juicing Gems

There are many things I have learned throughout the past 60 days, a few of which I’d like to share:

  1. At first I hated some of the green juices and literally had to down them. It wasn’t until I read a post from another juicer asking whether the green juice should taste pleasant that Joe Cross replied saying that all his juices should taste nice, so if one didn’t then to add another apple or pear. That advice transformed the rest of my juicing experience. No further juice had to be downed, unless I was in a hurry! As time past, I found my tastebuds adapted and I less frequently needed to add additional ingredients, particularly when I found that choi sum was a good swop for spinach, mango a good swop for oranges, and ginger and mint a good swop for lemons, all of which I have to avoid on a low histamine diet.
  2. Timewise, it has taken me around 1.5 hours to 2 hours to do the day’s fruit and veg prep, juicing and clearing up for 1 person.
  3. I found making my day’s juices in the evening was the most efficient method as I didn’t have time with food prep for the kids, and sometimes for my husband, to juice during the day.
  4. The cost of a 5-day juice with as much organic fruit and veg as I could find was approximately £65 per week (London prices). The whole 60 days has come to a total of £780.
  5. When you feel hungry have another juice, a coconut water or some potassium broth. If you still feel hungry, have some more. I only had a few days where I felt stupidly hungry, the rest of the time I did not feel hunger at all. As long as I had a juice regularly throughout the day, I found I was on a happy plateau of fullness, not hungry and not overly full, just a pleasant state.
  6. Find a local juice bar and treat yourself to one regularly.
  7. If others are eating around you and you find your will power being tested to beyond your limits, leave the room. Everyone will understand! The same with food preparation for your family. Do something simple if you are having a tough day and don’t prepare your favourite food if your will power is low.
  8. Invest in some lovely glass bottles (500ml size) to store your beautiful juices. They don’t have to be expensive. I bought mine for £5 each.
  9. Add protein powder to your dessert juice, as it’s the most pleasant way I found of getting it down. In a taste test, I favoured pea protein powder and mixed mine into the juice using a blender as it didn’t mix easily with a whisk. Pea protein tastes good with an apple, peach, pear, sweet potato and blueberries. This became my staple dessert juice.
  10. My weight loss was 1-2lb every 2 days initially and then it slowed down. During the last 10 days of the fast I lost just 2 lbs, but this was when I hit my pre-mesh implant weight. Despite the scales staying the same for a while, I still lost inches.
  11. Show yourself some love at your achievements, when you need new clothes go buy, swop or borrow some. It’s wonderful seeing the new you emerge. Remaining in your bigger clothes hides your progress from you and everyone else. When others start noticing your new shape and commenting, that’s a huge boost to your morale.
  12. If you are doing a longer fast, you will want to measure and weigh yourself first, and get your doctor to take your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar etc before you begin so you can assess your before and after.
  13. As you will likely be drinking a lot more than you are used to, plan your toilet stops and don’t forget your protection if you have any form of incontinence. It will likely get worse because of the volume you are drinking and the extra pressure on the bladder. My advice is don’t go anywhere where there isn’t a loo.
  14. Feeling cold can be a side-effect of the juice fast and can be miserable, affecting your mood and will power, particularly if you are juice fasting in a cold climate. Allow your juice to warm up to room temperature before drinking when possible, drink hot drinks including herbal tea and potassium broth to warm you up, wear thermals, and an additional layer, use a hot water bottle or heated blanket, buy yourself some wool bed socks and gloves, and piles on the blankets. Regular aerobic exercise also helps to increase your core temperature.
  15. Your bowels will slow down while you are juicing because of the lack of insoluble fibre in juice. If you are used to a movement every day, expect this to slow down to every 2-3+ days. This is perfectly normal. If you do feel constipated, drink more water and herbal tea.
  16. By the end of the late afternoon, my teeth often began to feel fury from the juice as it is quite sticky. You may want to clean your teeth and tongue more regularly as a result.

I’m sure there’s many other things I’ve forgotten to mention, but I’ll add them to this list as I remember.

I will update this blog on a weekly basis now throughout my transition.

A huge thank you for sticking with me through my journey.

Wishing you health and happiness and many tasty juices to come.


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