Day 60!

I’m slightly in shock that I’ve made it to 60 days!

60 days of no solid food and only fresh juice made from 80% vegetables and 20% fruit, along with coconut water and potassium broth. I’ve got the equivalent of the runners high, and elation similar to what I felt when I saw my first ever article in print.

Elated on my 60th day of juicing

Target setting

If you had asked me on day one to bet on whether I would juice for 60 days, I would have told you that you were having a laugh. The three days I targeted myself to do initially was tough enough. So, it was definitely Joe Cross’s five-day approach which helped me to achieve so much more, that, and a very strong driver: I wanted to heal my very sick immune system.

The thought of targeting myself with 60 days was so unimaginable difficult, that it totally put me off, but I found that a target of five days was within the realms of possibility, so I just kept targeting myself with five days. To reach 60 days has been the biggest surprise and it has reinforced a valuable lesson: that we are all capable of climbing any mountain if we break the target down into manageable chunks.

The importance of a good support network

The support from my family and friends has made a significant contribution to this achievement and for that I am extremely grateful. My inspirational parents paved the way for me and have encouraged me every step of the way. They have owned an Oscar Vitalmax 900 horizontal masticating juicer for over 10 years now, and it has been used so much that the juicer’s collection jugs are now stained brown. After both my mesh removal surgeries my Mum and Dad have lovingly made me litres of green and red juices to help me heal.

My Mum and Dad began their juicing journey when they became vegan 11 years ago. This came about because my Dad developed prostate cancer in 2008 and the Royal Brompton Hospital, where he was being treated, advised him that diet played a significant role in the hormonal cancers like prostate and breast cancer, and he was given some diet sheets to take home. Dad and Mum did their homework and met others who had been on the same path who gave them great advice about taking up a vegan diet, not eating any refined sugar, cleaning up their home environment to reduce Dad’s exposure to toxins, and about cleanses he could do to detoxify his body. This holistic approach was intended to strengthen his immune system and give it the best chance of targeting his cancer.

Whenever my Mum and Dad said they were doing a short spell of juicing or a bowel, liver or kidney cleanse, I never really understood how they managed it. Except that as they did it together, they had each other for support, and they could usually avoid other people eating or having to prepare others’ food, which helped. The Joe Cross Community has been a fabulous place to celebrate others’ juicing achievements and to seek advice on struggles. Fast forward 11 years and my Dad’s most recent MRI last summer showed he is now cancer free.

Dad and Mum at 222 vegan restaurant, celebrating the start of my juice fast

Following in their footsteps, I have been doing a bowel cleanse alongside the juicing for the past five days and will finish this in 3 days time. It has been pretty painless apart from the gritty, charcoaly taste of the cleansing powders I take twice a day. But thankfully Joe’s Mean Green and Green Citrus juices have been great for hiding the taste!

My husband has been a superstar at home, often helping me to wash and chop produce, cooking his own meal so I didn’t have to, as well as more-often-than-me putting the kids to bed so I could start juicing and not be at it all evening long. His sweet and selfless gestures have meant a great deal and helped me through the most challenging times juicing. I love him even more because of this challenge, which isn’t an outcome I had anticipated!

Tucking in to fajitas in Cardiff, while I watched and drank steaming mint tea

My Mum-in-law too has been amazingly supportive and, despite extremely painful peripheral neuropathy affecting her hands and feet having survived Guillain-Barré Syndrome, she has insisted on standing at the sink helping me scrub and peel vegetables and fruit, while entertaining my kids with her magic bag at the same time. She is a true inspiration of someone who lives her life to the full, never letting anything beat her.

Mum-in-law in the throws of making lychee juice

So what has juicing delivered?

  • Improved cognition – thinking straight again isn’t to be underestimated. I now think so much I don’t want to go to bed!
  • I no longer have any oedema in my body (water retention from chronic inflammation)
  • Weight – down to my pre-mesh implant weight in 2005, a loss of 23lbs
  • Heart rate – now 60bpm (my pre-mesh heart rate), down from 80bpm at rest
  • Waist – lost 5 inches
  • Bust – lost 4 inches 
  • Hips – lost 4 inches 
  • Blood pressure – now 100/70, down from 120/80
  • Body Mass Index – now 20, down from 25
  • Shoe size – down half a size in swelling
  • Dress size U.K. – down 3 dress sizes
  • Since July 2018, I have managed to rid my body of nearly 3 stone in oedema from chronic inflammation by following a low histamine diet and the 60 day juice fast.

Medical evidence yet to collate

  • Blood sugar levels – to see if I am still pre-diabetic.
  • Histamine levels – I have unmeasurably low levels of an enzyme called diamine oxidase in my gut, which is critical as it breaks down and rids our body of unwanted histamine. As histamine is contained in all foods, not having this enzyme means histamine builds up in my body causing oedema and many other health problems including increasing allergic responses to drugs, foods and chemicals.
  • Mast cell activation – I’m hoping that the juice fast has stabilised my immune cells known as mast cells. These were previously shooting out their contents left right and centre causing havoc in my body for no good reason, apart from the fact I had two rather nasty polypropylene meshes degrading in my body.

I look forward to letting you know the results in the next couple of months.

2 thoughts on “Day 60!

  1. Well done and I hope your health continues to improve! I hope this posts as I couldn’t get anything to post the last 2 times I tried. WordPress was telling me I wasn’t me and couldn’t log in! ~Cindy in Indiana, USA

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