Day 59 – Squidgy chocolate pear pudding

Just one day to go and what a mix of emotions. Stupidly, a part of me wants to keep on full-time juicing! It’s because I’ve become so used to it; shopping is easy because of Joe Cross’s very helpful five-day shopping lists, which mean that going back to menu planning and sorting out my own shopping lists seems a bit of a chore on top of menus for the family! However, hopefully the reward of eating some lovely hot food will spur me on.

Even on day 59 I have been tempted. This time the kids menu included the rather wonderful Squidgy chocolate pear pudding, a BBC Good Food recipe. I usually make it with cacao instead of cocoa to improve the nutritional value, sunflower dairy-free spread instead of butter, and sometimes with chia seeds instead of eggs (1 tablespoon of chia to 3 tablespoons of water and whisked to an egg-like consistency, is equivalent to 1 egg). I used normal plain flour, but if I were making the pudding for me too, I’d use half and half rice flour and chickpea flour instead to make it gluten free. If you make all those changes, you can end up with a pretty healthy pud.

Squidgy chocolate pear pudding topped with brownie chocolate and sliced almonds

I came across a new range of free from chocolate in Tesco made by The Free From Kitchen Co. called Rich Brownie Chocolate Slab. It made the perfect topping for the pudding along with the almonds. However, there are other ranges of vegan chocolate, such as the Organic Lucuma Cacao Bar, which are more virtuous because of their use of naturally occurring sugars e.g. honey, coconut sugar or maple sugar.

I whisked up the cacao batter inbetween cooking and dishing up fish fingers, rice, carrots, peas and corn on the cob for the kids and with just half an hour in the oven, the pudding was cooked not long after they had finished eating. The kids enjoyed a portion of pudding, and had seconds too, with lashings of Alpro custard. I quickly drank a pleasant enough green juice before starting on an orange as well, which speedily curbed my hunger.

I’m looking forward to eating again! I’m just beginning to worry that I’ll put back on all the weight I’ve lost within a week, and I’m only just beginning to enjoy being back to my usual size again. I’m glad that the Reboot includes a transition menu to follow for a week and then lots of recipes to help me adjust to a new way of life.

A slice of gooey-in-the-middle Squidgy Chocolate Pear Pudding with Alpro custard

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