Day 56 – Mother’s Day

I woke to find I was surrounded by three hot water bottles – one to my left, one to my right and one under my feet. Confused, I opened an eye to spy a little boy sleeping to my right, snuggling up to the other side of his still warm woolly sheep bottle. And to my left, was his brother who, realising I was stirring, excitedly tried to prize open my eyes with his fingers. Welcome to Mother’s Day!

Three very excited children waited impatiently while I prepared my hot water and ginger and warmed up my juice before arguing who would be first to give me their home made card and present. My daughter delightedly watched me open hers first, which she proudly told me she had bought with her own money. What a great gift it was too; Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood, a short little book of laughs, just the size of book I can manage these days. An eager Twin 2 then kindly helped me unwrap a jar and bottle opener, which was exactly what I needed, and Twin 1 quickly ripped off the lovely pink-striped paper to reveal a beautiful pair of wool bed socks. Just perfect!

We celebrated part of the day in Ravenscourt Park at the fairground I’d promised the boys we’d come back to the day before. This time the rides were in full swing and some good tunes were blaring out across the park. My excited children joined a small crowd of others running from one ride to the next sussing out which they wanted to go on first, and next, and next. They had a wonderful time, while I slowly began to feel colder and colder, despite a coat, many layers, gloves and a scarf.

When my husband disappeared off to grab himself a panini and arrived back with single scoop pots of sorbet for the kids, I was confused for the second time. I’d suggested he bought lollies as a treat, but had expected sweet lollies like the ones I’d spotted the day before on the café counter, and not something in the spectrum of iced treats! Being ice-cream fans, the kids were delighted, despite the weather. I couldn’t think of anything worse. I was now cold to the bone.

The day ended with a brief but happy shop for some smaller clothing basics, while the kids enjoyed some Dad time. An hour later, in the warmth of the indoor shopping mall, I finally thawed out.

3 thoughts on “Day 56 – Mother’s Day

  1. What a nice day and your children are lovely! I am an American grandmother from the Reboot group enjoying your blog posts which I have read from the beginning.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, can you give me a bit more info as I can’t remember what children’s blog I suggested? I may just be having a twin-mummy no brain moment, sorry!


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