Day 55 – Can you juice pizza?

I overran on the supermarket shop this morning which sadly meant my daughter missed out on her swimming lesson. I tried my best to get back in time, but with the shelves in Aldi half empty (on a Saturday morning at 8.15am?), I had to do the majority of the shop afterwards in Tesco, a huge store, which I often find hard to navigate. I should have given up earlier, but sneaked in another aisle before joining a checkout, only to find I had the most inquisitive check out lady. She began by quizzing me on why I had bought 45 apples, 6 bags of organic kale, 4 bags of choi sum, 20 inches of ginger and 6 bags of organic carrots. Stupidly, instead of telling her a little white lie that I was cooking for a large family dinner, I told her the truth. Telling anyone that you are day 55 of a juice fast, is never the quickest way of getting your goods scanned.

A packed fridge ready for my final 5 days of juice only.


In the late afternoon, my family all went to visit Bekonscot Village, the world’s oldest and original model village. I love it there. It is a fascinating little place which you can do comfortably in a couple of hours. There’s a great cafe with loads of outdoor seating for picnics, a good-sized play area for the kids to work off some energy, and a lovely ride-on train which takes you round the site and gives you a better view of the miniature railway which runs around the model village.

Lessons in what to juice

My husband arrived home from Beconsfield carrying a Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Pizza – spicy chicken arrabbiata with ndjua. It certainly smelt delicious as it was cooking. I have to admit that I didn’t know what ndjua was. And for those who don’t either, it’s a smoky, spicy, spreadable Italian sausage. I asked my husband if the pizza tasted as great as it looked and he retorted, ‘Yes, why don’t you juice some?’ I wish!

I don’t alter my dessert juice anymore, I now just make the same one every day as I love it so much: 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 peach, 150g blueberries and 1 sweet potato put through the juicer. I occasionally add some additional ingredients, depending upon what I have left over. Tonight the juice contained three figs. To the juice I then add a sprinkling of cinnamon and a heaped dessert spoon of pea protein powder before blitzing it for a few seconds in a blender. Tonight, I served it with a paper pineapple straw and cocktail umbrella and sipped slowly. Heavenly.

My delicious dessert juice

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