Day 54 – Warmth at long last

Spring arrived in full swing in London. It was such a warm, sunny day that even the tulips in our back garden opened their heads to celebrate.

I packed the remains of a stunning, pink, breakfast juice, which bore close resemblance to a camellia blooming outside my neighbour’s house, and enough snacks to feed an army. The boys and I then caught the bus to Ravenscourt Park. We sat in the front seats together and talked about all the different shops we saw on the High Road.

The boys happily scooted through the entrance of the park and soon found the children’s play area, then a fair which wasn’t yet open and, disappointed, made me promise we’d come back over the weekend. We played football, fed the ducks and geese, found the loos, just in time and walked down an avenue of blossoming cherry trees. I felt warm all day for the first time in months.

We lunched back at home. My green juice was another good one. The boys had half a veggie burger each accompanied by homemade baked chips, roasted butternut squash and peas. The dessert of homemade, blueberry and chocolate chip muffin was their reward for finishing most of their lunch.

A neighbour dropped round in the afternoon to juice some of her own produce, and kindly brought me a gift of more organic beets, and helped me to prepare all my produce for my next day’s juice, which gave me back an evening to catch up on Doc Martin!

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