Day 52 – Fish Finger sandwiches

I’m deeply tired of drinking cold juice, despite it tasting pretty good these days. It’s the cold I hate. If I were somewhere warm, the temperature above 20 degrees, things might be different. But instead, I have spent most of the winter drinking cold juice, wearing thermals and two jumpers, keeping my thermals on to go to bed, wearing 100% polyester pjs (because cotton just doesn’t cut it), with the thickest wool bed socks ever knitted, a blanket, my dressing gown and sometimes two hot water bottles, just to get to a temperature where I can nod off.

My beautiful wool bed socks, a present from my husband on valentine’s day

I can’t wait for something simple like a steaming hot bowl of pea and mint soup, anything that is nutritious and filling and keeps me warm. The potassium broth tastes delicious and briefly warms me up, but it is like drinking flavoured water for its effect on my stomach and my temperature regulation.

There’s only eight days to go until I reach my goal, so there’s no way I’m going to give up now, but this journey hasn’t got any easier seven weeks in. It feels like I’ve undertaken a very strange experiment, like something Dr Michael Mosley might do on Trust Me, I’m a Doctor except, this time, I am the amusement.

I have had ups and downs with cooking food for my family since the start. Some days it hasn’t bothered me at all, and others it has greatly. Some tasty delights I missed out on today were some of my old favourites pre my histamine issues, so today was a painful day:

Crispy fish finger sandwiches made with fresh, aromatic, rosemary bread.

I do miss a fish finger sandwich with ketchup

A mixed berry crumble, sweetened with maple syrup and cinnamon, topped with a dollop of melting raspberry sorbet.

You can’t go far wrong with a Delia crumble

A Quorn and vegetable noodle soup with a base of tomato and Tamari soy sauce. Simple but delicious.

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