Day 51 – Apple varieties

Truly yellow apples are rare in supermarkets in the UK, so I was surprised to spot them amongst a sea of red and green in Tesco. These really yellow versions of Golden delicious are beautiful, but sadly they went soft a day after purchase, despite being kept in the fridge so I’m glad they went in a juice!

As I’ve consumed up to forty apples every five days for the past seven weeks, I’ve tried to select several different varieties for my juicing. I do prefer crisp, juicy apples, such as Pink Lady, which was originally bred in Australia and a just-picked Cox, an old British variety, but I have learned that Granny Smith are far the best in a green juice because of their sharpness and tartness.

Interestingly, most of the apples found in British supermarkets now are not grown in the UK because there has been a significant decline in demand for the old British apple (Cox, Russet, or Worcester) in favour of Gala (Britain’s best selling apple) and Braeburn, both from New Zealand. Growers say the reason for this is because tastes in apples have changed over the past 30 years in preference for sweeter, crisper apples. Yet the cost of these newer apples is often considerably more.

I enjoyed by far the best green juice I have had yet today. It was based on Joe Cross’s Green Citrus, but I supplemented the oranges for mangoes and the spinach for choi sum. The result was lip-smackingly good. Twin 2 drank half my glass it was that good!

Joe’s Green Citrus with a twist

Recipe for Green Citrus with a Twist

  • 4 green Granny Smith apples
  • 2 mangoes
  • 12 handfuls of leafy greens e.g. kale, chard, choi sum and romaine (cos) lettuce

I hardly slept a wink last night for feeling cold, and haven’t felt warm once all day, so I made 5 litres of potassium broth this evening with the help of my kind husband, who would much rather have been relaxing in front of the TV.

Vegetable potassium broth

2 thoughts on “Day 51 – Apple varieties

  1. I have read all your posts and enjoyed your journey. I am appalled at what you “mesh” ladies have had to endure and hope that you do win some compensation for the horror you have been through! Would you be so kind as to post your potassium broth recipe?

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