Day 50 – A juice milestone

Fifty days of juice-only and no solid food has been a journey of small steps. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. I’m so grateful that there are just 10 days left to go until I hit my target. It has taken huge restraint at times not to eat, and I never knew I had it in me to face such temptation and to remain so focussed. The strangest sensation has been never feeling overly full or overly hungry, sensations I often experience when I eat.

I went shopping to buy the fruit and vegetables for the next five days this morning. Triggered by six-plus bags of kale in my trolley, I’ve had a number of people over the past few weeks ask me whether I have a particular fondness for kale, and today it was the checkout lady. Laughing, I shared with her the details of my juice fast, which led to a fascinating but brief conversations about health and food.

I realised today that I need to start thinking about my transition back to eating and look up Joe Cross’s plan on how to do that. I’ll still be having mainly juice initially before eating begins to take over again, but I’m interested in the contents of what I will be eating and whether my histamine intolerance will mean a few substitutions.

Omega juicer review

My Omega juicer is certainly worn in now, and has accumulated a few juice stains around the auger and jugs. It took a battering after a peach stone accidentally got mixed up with the chopped fruit and the auger attempted to crush it, denting the filter so it is now a little out of shape and the machine makes a new noise! However, it hasn’t let me down once, and that is quite a relief.

There are a few things I think could be improved. The waste matter jug and juice jug would be better attached to the juicer. Because they are loose, I’ve had a few accidents with a produce bowel hitting one of the jugs and knocking it away from the chutes, causing spilt juice or dropped waste matter. The jugs could also do with being covered, as when inserting food like chopped kale into the mega mouth opening, pieces of kale or other foods often drop into the fresh juice. Apart from these minor adjustments, I remain impressed.

Smoked salmon and broccoli pasta

I cooked my all-time favourite pasta dish, smoked salmon and broccoli pasta, for the kids and my husband for their dinner. I love smoked salmon and this dish doesn’t disappoint as it provides the pasta with a strong salmony flavour and lots of saltiness. The recipe was shared with me by my housemate and good friend many years ago now and it has remained a household favourite. I add-libbed with frozen peas today, as often the boys leave the broccoli, but surprisingly I found there were clean plates all round.

Stir-frying the veggies and smoked salmon in rapeseed spray oil

Since I was diagnosed as histamine intolerant in July 2018, I haven’t eaten any fish at all, as unless it has been freshly caught and immediately cooked it contains high levels of histamine. I was found to have hardly any diamine oxidase (the enzyme which breaks down histamine in my gut) which means I have to avoid all foods high in histamine to avoid a number of unpleasant symptoms, two of which are brain fog, and severe abdominal swelling. Of all the histamine containing foods, of which there are pages to avoid, I miss fish the most.

Smoked salmon and broccoli pasta with a shallot, garlic and oat cream sauce

For dessert, the twins and I had whipped up a batch of chocolate and marshmallow rice crispy slices. My daughter like them a lot and wanted me to make some more for the next school Bake sale, but the boys were less keen and had instead one of Grandma’s mini fruit cakes she had packed for us for the journey back to London.

Chocolate and marshmallow rice crispy slices

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