Day 49 – Roast chicken dinner

Sunday roast is a tradition in the Yemm family, and my daughter adores Grandma’s roasts. So it was no surprise when a cooking challenge appeared on her list of homework options that my daughter chose to cook roast chicken dinner, and there really was no better person than Grandma to guide her through the process.

For a very special treat, as it is out of season, Grandma has sourced some frozen Whinberries from her friend so that they could make a Welsh Whinberry Tart. This is my absolute favourite tart, which I had never tasted until I first dated my Welsh husband. The berries only grow on acid soils, are usually found on mountains, and in areas where it rains a lot. The perfect combination is found in Abertillery in South Wales.

A Welsh whinberry tart

Dinner was a huge success with my daughter at the helm and Grandma by her side. My daughter was so proud of herself afterwards, and so were we, amazed at how capable a 7-year-old she is.

Dishing up roast chicken dinner

I enjoyed my juices, but was grateful that despite dinner taking hours to cook, the food took just minutes for everyone to eat!

Bon appétit!

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