Day 47 – Juice to replace IV drips

As I was clearing up the morning bedroom debris, I could hear down in the kitchen my daughter instructing Alexa to play one her favourites: Fire Starter, followed by Boney M’s Daddy Cool. That’s a sure way to guarantee a smile first thing. I arrived in the kitchen to find three similarly happy children bopping away and singing to the music, their breakfast bowls almost empty.

I’d juiced until nearly midnight last night so that I can go away to my parents-in-law for the weekend without having to lug my juicer and all the produce. I woke feeling unusually tired and lacking in energy this morning, and I’d felt really hungry all day yesterday so I had been sipping left over juice throughout the day to keep the hunger-pangs at bay.

Juice ingredients for a couple of days

In a mug I added some chopped ginger and topped it with three-quarters boiling water to a quarter cold water and left it to diffuse for a short while. Five minutes later it was ready to drink. I felt a little better after rehydrating. My breakfast juice was called Cabbage Patch. I’d had this before and it was grimace-inducing, so I’d made it this time with kale instead and it was far better, but still not one of my favourites.

Since beginning this journey, I never cease to be amazed by the almost instant change in energy and mood I can feel after a juice, and this morning was no different. After drinking my first juice, my energy levels went back to normal within a minute or two, as the massive dose of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes quickly circulated in my bloodstream, like a natural IV drip, revitalising my body.

Yesterday, my neighbour had arrived bearing a gift of several large organic beetroots, which she’d found in a local organic green grocers. Beets are the heart of a red juice and form the main ingredients in a potassium broth. A Beet-ini juice was on the menu for dessert for the next day, so I combined one beautiful beet with a mango (instead of two oranges) and an apple. The result was absolutely delicious!

Beautiful organic beets

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