Day 45 – Celebrating juice, justice and spring

What better than a late morning breakfast and natter with a dear neighbour, who is recovering from surgery, followed by an impromptu juicing session, and the arrival of my parents to the boys’ joyous ‘Grandad!’, ‘Nanny!’. We all shared in an orange juice made from carrots, apples and ginger, which left us all licking our lips with pleasure. It was so smooth, sweet, spicy, warming and delicious. The brightness of the colour alone was enough to put a smile on our faces. A future staple, for sure. 


Our party was interrupted by a phone call from a firm of solicitors called SPG Law, an American firm I had contacted to ask about Product Litigation for Mesh. This is where a legal case is against the manufacturer, as opposed to the NHS. SPG Law’s American partners have represented and obtained compensation for over 15,000 women in the US and have already won over $1 billion in compensation for these women. I would be joining a mass production litigation case against American Medical Systems who were the manufacturer of my Trans-Obturator Tape (TOT). My medical negligence case and a product litigation case could run alongside each other with cooperation between the two legal firms. 

Image result for photograph of a transobturator tape
Hooks used for blind insertion of a TOT through parts of the body full of nerves and blood vessels

I was a little cynical at first, as I’ve joined mass product litigation groups before with 500+ other women and we were all dropped suddenly 18 months ago. We were then passed to a couple of other firms, but yet again found ourselves dropped a couple of months later. The difference this time is that SPG, through their American partners, already have experience under their belts and that gives me greater confidence, so it will be interesting to see where this goes.

Cherry blossom

There are signs of spring everywhere. The crocuses have been up for a few weeks, the daffodils opened their yellow heads in the park last week and this week the trees lining our street have suddenly displayed the prettiest of white and pink cherry blossom. It’s so short-lived, but it has to be my best moment of spring. The twins thought it had snowed as every tree is surrounded by white or pink little flowers, which the ‘green parrots’ (wild West London parakeets), have plucked off the trees.

In true spring clean fashion, I’m now considering the addition of a bowel cleanse to my juicing regime to give myself the maximum benefit from my remaining two weeks of fasting. Tomorrow is certainly not the day to begin as my daughter and I have two hours of commuting going back and forth to St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington to see her immunologist. Toilet near misses are bad enough with drinking so much fluid, let alone having to worry about the rear end as well!

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